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Making a Magnificent You is a fun, colorful, and thoughtful way to teach us all the importance of eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. The illustrations, witty yet informative rhymes, and amazing ‘Fun Facts’ section make this book a great gift for all ages! It will certainly be a resource and featured in my summer camp for years to come! So c'mon, 'don't be a weanie, eat your zucchini' and indulge in this great book!
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What makes a healthy YOU?

Making a Magnificent You! offers parents a fun and light hearted way to introduct healthy eating to their children.  Its vibrant colors and engaging characters attract young minds, but it’s the health conscience message that parents will love!

You know the importance of healthy eating but how can you engage your children?  How can eating healthy fruits and vegetables be something that your kids WANT to do?

With Making a Magnificent You! parents now have a delightful tool to inspire their children towards healthy eating.  Children are challenged to learn the about the vital importance of fruits and vegetables for bodies that are healthy, strong, and more disease-immune.

What else will you find?

  • Colorful art and interactive rhyming text 
  • A variety of familiar (apples, potatoes, asparagus) as well as less common (malanga, elderberry, papaya) fruits and vegetable characters
  • Five delicious recipes to make and enjoy
  • Fun facts about each fruit and vegetable introduced

Making a Magnificent You! will engage kids of all ages and encourage them to try all the colorful fruits and vegetables they are offered.


This recipe is from the website, the supplement company I started with three very excellent people. I thought I would just have to share:

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Martin Katz MD Functional Medicine

Martin Katz

Medical Doctor

Originally from South Africa, Martin Katz has practiced medicine in Virginia for over 20 years. He is passionate about helping patients embrace life and pursue health. Dr. Katz is double board certified in sports and family medicine, a co-founder of a successful supplement company, a locally and nationally sought after physician, and medical director of the Virginia mountain bike racing.

When not working or volunteering, Dr. Katz can be found spending time, preferably outside, with his wife and four wonderful children.

He brings this same dedication to his first book: “Making a Magnificent You” – a fun and creative book authored to help children understand the importance of eating a variety of vegetables and fruits.

What Readers are Saying

"Your brain uses 25% of the calories you consume. If you want your family and kids to have better brains and bodies get this fun, insightful book from my friend Dr. Martin Katz"
"My favorite preventive health doctor, Dr. Martin Katz helps kids understand the benefits of nourishing foods in this wonderfully creative and colorful book"
What a great children's book that encourages healthy eating for kids, while also providing factual information for parents about what makes these foods essential for our bodies! Dr. Katz puts it all together in a cute, colorful, and rhyming way that is sure to be popular for all ages"