Martin Katz MD


I am excited about what healthcare can offer people.

I am excited about talking to my patients about these possibilities
I am excited about each human’s ability to heal,

I am excited to help patients feel better, stronger, and healthier.


I am tired of the current “healthcare” paradigm

I am tiring with regard to the lack of time I have to educate my patients

I am tired of the lack of commitment to our ability to heal

I am tired of seeing my patients get sicker and sicker

That’s right, we have so much potential, but I am tired of walking into a patient’s room, caring more about their health than they do.

The problem is that most people DO NOT even begin to understand the lack of HEALTH and PREVENTION in the current “healthcare” paradigm.

There is a limited commitment to improving a person’s health and limiting their disease onset or progression.

Too many first or second-hand stories about hope being taken away from people after being told they will need to take these meds, and do these procedures, while there is nothing they can do to control the outcome of their disease.

Why wait for disease onset, when we are completely capable of staying healthy?

I am excited about being able to be one of many awesome providers who are working hard to change this disease management paradigm to something that makes a whole lot more sense: PREVENT THE DISEASE in the first place, or SECONDARILY PREVENT disease progression and their inherent complications!

Empowering people to Cultivate health by Promoting Prevention and Intention to Self

Martin Katz, MD