Teachable Moments

While we hope for perfection, this is not what life gives us. And this is true of the book. Fortunately, we can use these imperfections as teaching moments!

First moment: 5 pages in – “your trillions of cells (that’s 1,000,000,000).”

Well, that’s actually 1 billion! What’s impressive is how big of a number that seems, but it is 999,000,000,000 cells short of the actual number. That’s an incredible amount, and makes it abundantly clear just how important clear COMMUNICATION needs to be amongst our TRILLION cells! So, keep reading and teaching, and learning!

Second moment: Page 10 – my youngest child noted, while paging through his favorite ` book, that the raspberry looked black, possibly more like a blackberry. I took the opportunity to teach that there are indeed black raspberries. You could counter that the fruit does look like a blackberry. This brings me to yet another teaching point: I should never have left blackberries out of the book1 Some consider it a Superfood – high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are versatile and have a low glycemic load (4 – which makes them a great snack for the kids).

3rd moment: Page 31 – this lesson has to do with the alphabet. See if you can spot the mistake; if not, hopefully, with your parent’s help you can. If not, email me at [email protected] to discover the teachable moment.

4th moment: Page 32 – similar to above. 5th moment: after looking for my description of raspberries to see if I commented on the fact that they are found in numerous different colors, I realized, I had not written anything about this wonderful fruit. Well, I had to ensure that all vegetables and fruits in the book were accounted for and fun facts are written. I guess I got tired, or brain fatigued by having to write creatively about the health benefits of these incredible foods, as I had also not written facts about peppers, and kiwis.

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